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LWLGA Feb 2018

LWL was contacted to be a part of a Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities' (GCDD) Story Collection Project. A total of 75 stories will be collected for people living with a physical disability or a developmental disability. Jake Ricks was selected to be featured for this project. The info from the individuals being collected tells stories and gives real life portraits from people living in each of GA's 56 Senate Districts. These stories will be instrumental in the Efforts of GCDD to advocate for Georgians living with disabilities. A story teller came down in January and met with Jake. She came to the LWL office where Jake is employed part time. She also visited his home to see how life is at home for Jake.

The goal of this project was to amplify the voices and stories of people living with developmental and in Jake's case a physical disability. These stories will also be used to help in the State of Georgia to advocate various issues related to physical and developmental disabilities.

We are thankful for Jake and the blessings that he continuously pours into LWL and OUR community.

He is vital part of the LWL organization. He communicates continuously between our group of LWL guys that he has helped to facilitate and develop a lifelong friendship of help and support to one another. The impact is big and we thank you for allowing your story to be a voice for Georgia! More to come on this special story once it's published!

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