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Looking for assistance? Please complete an application and return according to the instructions below. If you need additional information, feel free to call us at (229) 236-5965.

A completed application must include all of the following:

  1. Completed Application for Receiving Services with signature on last page.
  2. Sign the Certification and Release of Information document, make a copy for yourself and return the original with your application.
  3. Medical History which includes the nature of injury or disability, date of diagnosis, cause of injury (if applicable). Must be signed by you and your physician or primary care specialist.
  4. A letter of personal reference from a friend, co-worker, teacher or anyone other than a family member.
  5. A professional letter of reference from a therapist, social worker, teacher or other professional with whom you have contact.
  6. A short autobiography and picture.

Please send completed applications only

You may mail your application to PO Box 1652, Thomasville, GA 31799, drop off at 311 N Dawson St, Thomasville, GA or email at

The first step of the application process will be complete when we receive your completed application package. The second step is an over-the-phone interview. This phone interview is crucial in helping us understand your need, personality, and lifestyle. The third step is a home visit that shows us your environment, your support system, and your daily activities. Choosing a recipient has many variables including your diagnosis and our sponsorship. We are continuing to grow and are working hard at placing exceptional services to the Thomas County area.

Thank you for your understanding. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions you may have - 229-236-5965.